Hello and welcome! My name is Amy, and I am a fluid artist living in Georgia. Creativity has been a driving passion for me my entire life. In my youth, I was a musician creating music. In college, I continued with my study of music but I eventually turned to computer science as a profession. The thrill of creating a computer program from letters and symbols was fascinating for me. As my IT career grew, I gained satisfaction from creating specific applications for people and seeing their excitement and gratitude that I "made" exactly what they wanted and needed. 

As the IT world began to change and evolve, I found myself creating less and managing more. I began to turn to creating artistic things again to satisfy that need to create. I did everything from making jewelry to photography to learning woodworking and creating wooden art. 

I discovered fluid art in 2019 and was immediately captivated, but a bit too intimidated to jump in and create for myself. After a friend mentioned fluid art and wanting a large piece for his home, I decided to finally give this form of art a try. While my first creations weren't that appealing, I was amazed and intrigued with the process. I knew I wanted to fully understand this art form and improve my paintings. I began months and months of learning and practicing until I became good enough to create that special piece that my friend wanted for his home. 

From there, I created more and more beautiful art for other people. My heart is in everything I make. Down to every last detail, I work hard to carefully perfect each and every piece with someone in mind - even if I don't know that someone quite yet! I smile when I look at my art, and I hope you do as well.